Easy and Fast Relief From Joint Aches


Our Stem Cell Joint regeneration therapy utilizes a proven and effective technique using your own platelets coupled with the amazing regenerative powers of Amniotic Stems. This cutting edge treatment provides substantial relief of pain and improved functionality for chronic and acute musculoskeletal joint pain and injuries.


Prolotherapy is used in the Joint regeneration pain treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain in various parts of the body, including the knees, shoulders, low back, hips, neck, and elbows. The pain is usually the result from specific injuries, chronic sprains/strains, overuse injuries, and osteoarthritis



Prolotherapy involves the practice of injecting a solution into the damaged connective tissue or arthritic area for the purpose of promoting healing, which significantly reduces or eliminates the associated pain.

It has been known for many years, since the 1930’s, that injecting a simple dextrose containing solution is enough to stimulate an inflammatory response, which in turn initiates a beneficial healing cascade to the Joint regeneration area.


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